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management & entrepreneurial leadership


Diamond Equity Partners' strength comes from strong operational expertise, a deep understanding of many industries, and key market relationships within each sector. 


We invest in high-quality growth companies with strong management teams that have successfully transitioned from startups to revenue-generating growth companies with clear paths to profitability, and defensible market positions. 


Over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience building businesses as founder/operator/CEO, combined with deep industry relationships, provide competitive advantages for our portfolio companies, further accelerate proven operating models, and supercharge growth.


After a business plan is developed and refined it’s all about excellence in execution of the plan. Diamond has created market leaders for almost half a century; we know what it takes to build a world-class enterprise.


From the start, Diamond works to prepare the company for exit. Whether it's a sale or merger with an industry leader or one from another domain, Diamond helps facilitate the process and maximize value.

continuing revelation

We at Diamond Equity Partners know well the importance of flexibility in our focus. We also understand the great power that comes with adaptability as we move forward. We adroitly apply these concepts to the constantly changing business world today. We expect uncertainty and volatility; they are opportunities for growth, allowing well-prepared, strong management teams to pivot and adjust to achieve greater success.


Diamond draws from a committed pool of capital. We are able to combine the financial and operational resources of a traditional family office with the relentlessness of an institutionally backed investment firm, aggressively pursuing opportunities for growth. Additionally, our structure affords us the flexibility to "look outside the box" and support business beyond the scope of a traditional fund. Ultimately we look to add value wherever possible - our investment thesis is not limited by particular size, asset class or sector.


Our flat organizational structure and straightforward, non-bureaucratic approach provide for expeditious decision making and quick execution from start to finish. We have the ability and savvy to provide capital and expertise to support unique opportunities.

Diamond has the strategic, operational and financial resources to deliver the required results. Further, our relationships with entrepreneurs and leaders around the globe empower our team to work diligently, quickly, and synergistically with others.


● Meaningful brand equity and products or services capable of creating a leading and defensible  market position with sustainable barriers to entry and strong opportunities for growth.

● Strong management teams and ownership eager to partner with our company and collaborate to develop innovative strategies and achievable goals.

● Opportunities where Diamond can add value through our relationships, strategic partnerships and  additional funding.


Diamond recognizes that companies need a dynamic and customized approach to continue to grow and flourish. We are well-positioned to deal with the unusual circumstances many companies face today. We are amply prepared to provide the resources and relationships necessary to achieve sustainable growth.


We at Diamond know what it takes to build and restructure companies. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to investing and our ability to "look outside the box." Recognizing that success can come in all shapes and sizes, we look for growth opportunities to vertically integrate both upstream and downstream as well as in adjacent markets.


CEO and Founder Peter Schorsch is a serial entrepreneur who has built more than a dozen self-funded companies. These international and domestic companies have generated more than a billion dollars in sales and have often been leaders in their respective markets. Peter excels in complex situations including high stress turnarounds.


Peter's expertise includes complex negotiations such as mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships and JV’s, finding and hiring the right individuals, leadership development and team building, business development and operating plans, investments in private companies, and organizational restructuring when businesses are not performing as expected.


Peter knows that success requires proper planning, excellence in execution, and staying the course until the team achieves the stated objectives, even when business conditions are extraordinarily challenging. He clearly understands and believes in "Having the Courage of Your Own Convictions."

Peter is constantly learning about new areas of business and acquiring new techniques for succeeding in complex situations. As a post-grad he attended Harvard Business School annually for 16 years with YPO to develop and hone the skills requisite to achieve success with a variety of portfolio companies. His greatest satisfaction in life, other than his family, is helping businesses succeed.


it's a new world out there...

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